Methods of t-shirt printing

If you are planning on printing some t-shirts, then you will need to look into a supplier and understand the type of printing mechanisms that they use. The most common types of printing are heat pressing and screen printing which is quite popular as well.


As customers continue to keep up with the technologies used, they will be well informed about how each method works. You will notice a trend where you will notice that certain clients prefer a certain type of printing as this is what is appealing to them. There are many customers who go to the extent of complaining to the supplier stating that the printing method they chose hasn’t been used and will go to the extent of drinking a dri fit t shirt printing Singapore based company to do the job if this is what is required.


There are five different printing methods for clothing:

Screen printing

This is the most common type of printing that professional companies use and is also called silkscreen printing. You will only need a nylon mesh, a stencil and a water proof material that can be used to block the space that you need to print. If you want high quality t-shirts, then this is the method that should be used as it guarantees replication of the artwork you need on the clothing articles. The quality of the image will be very high. This is used for mass production of t-shirts.


Direct to Garments

Direct to Garments which is also known as DTG is popular among those who like designing t-shirts as a hobby. You will find it easy to do however, you need to have the skill and knowledge to do it. You will need to get ink and a textile printer for this. DTG printing is quite similar to printing paper from a regular printer but the difference is that you will be printing on fabric. If you want to print complex artwork, then this is the ideal method.


Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation works very well when using light fabrics. There is a cost involved to produce the dye as well however, the quality of the end product is of high quality. The dye is very special and is in the liquid form which works well with the polyester fabrics. The enemy of this printing is cottons fabric.

Heat press

If you have a small number of shirts to be printed, then the economical method is to use heat press. You will need to use a special type of paper called transfer paper which has a similar process like dye sublimation. The shirts printed using this method last much longer.


Vinyl Cutting

The soft and special clothing that has been allocated for this method is cut into shapes and then transferred on to the t-shirt. Then the heat press method is used to print. You can use many layers and print in many colours.

When you are going ahead to do your t-shirt printing, carefully assess the purpose and how long you want them to be durable as well.