Target a great career in your life

A successful career is anyone’s wish. Whilst some are dreaming of corner offices and pretty secretaries, some are worried about the real challenge, how to get there. Time and again it has been proven that just a good education is not sufficient. Even an ivy league education can’t get you in to a fortune 500 company if you do not possess the rest of the formulae, i.e. a positive attitude, top notch skills and a sharper mind to get things done while thinking out of the box.

Map the pathway


It is not too soon, or too late to map the pathway of your life journey. Remember that if you want to go there, you will go there. But you must have the drive and an unbeatable determination. We all have heard of how world-famous tech entrepreneurs started in their basements or garages; how Colonel Sanders was past fifty years of age when he became successful; how certain females had to go the extra mile just because they were not men. There is no end to what you can do if you have it all wired up in your head. So map that path from the start, leave space for other must-experiences as well. But do not idle by with time as lost time is never found again.


Being physically fit


Lots of people think only nerds get somewhere. This is not true. If you look in the web, you can see so many stories of how hard fitness models had to work to get somewhere. It is not all glamour as seen in a screen. Any career needs working up to it. But whatever you do, do not forget that health comes first. You can work hard, 24*7 even, but have some time dedicated for a workout, tennis or badminton lessons Singapore, go on a run, take a swim or just walk. You will see that a fit, healthier body will lead the way to a clearer head and a sharper mind. Engaging in team sports can enhance your leadership and team working skills as well. Maybe you will identify that you are not a good team player but can be successful as an entrepreneur who works alone!

Take the good with the bad


No one is going to get only positive and successful outcomes throughout their lives. Make sure you have made up the mind to take successes as well as failures in the same manner. Your strategies may fail, or a product might not perform as you expected. A software solution will have a lot of “bugs”, or your employees might leave. But if your will is there, nothing of this sort can defeat you. A failure is only an opportunity to learn; if you do not make mistakes you are only missing chances to learn. So be happy of the mistakes as they are nothing but learning opportunities.


A future planned is a future guaranteed. Start planning today for a better tomorrow.