Problems Faced By Teens

Teenage can be a very controversial yet vital stage with regard to a young child’s growth. It is the time they identify their sexuality, discover their talents, meet new friends and enjoy their fun time. However, due to technology advancements, teens are facing many problems especially with regard to health due to lack of activity as they spend most of their time on the mobile phone and playing video games. as parents, it is your responsibility to teach your children what’s right and wrong with regard to technology usage, inculcate good values and also interact as a friend so that they can openly talk to you about their problems. So here some issues they face in general to give you a heads up.

  1. Depression

It is extremely unfortunate to even hear suicide attempts by teens this often. We are living in a world where children are going through mental stress even before they reach adulthood. It is questionable how they will face future problems that come as an adult if they can’t take up the pressure right now. Many researchers blame mobile phones to cause depression as it will pull children away from sports or other activities that reduce depression and bring children together. Depression can be caused by many reasons and some are not even visible upfront. A child who is performing well in school with enough friends and no social problems also can be depressed for no apparent reason. It’s just how they take on life. So pay attention to your child’s behaviour and open up and environment where they can freely come talk to you at any time.

  1. Bullying

Bullying is a major problem among teens that have serious consequences such as suicide. Teens can be bullied on a physical characteristic such as excess acne, a deformity, speech difficulty etc., on their financial status, their sense of style etc. Many schools have strict policies against bullying, however most cases go unnoticed since the victims are too scared to open up. As parents, you need to teach your children that bullying is unacceptable. Help your victimized child overcome it. You can opt for an acne scar treatment Singapore if the situation is severe. With technology now, cyber bullying has become very easy since people can log in through fake accounts. So inform necessary authorities on any bullying you witness.

  1. Drug and alcohol use

Teens are naturally curious and would love to try new things and drugs and alcohol is the most common. Make sure your child does not fall into bad company. Be mindful of his or her group of friends. Teach them to choose good friends.