From an Adult to an Elder

When do you go from being an Adult to an Elder? There really is no precise age or time in your life that you go from being a responsible adult to a respected elder, it is a matter of maturity attained by the mind. As an adult you are expected to be responsible and take care of everything, people look to you for help and favors but as an elder you are expected to be wise and people come to you looking for advice from your wisdom.

It is not all maturity and wisdom as an elder. With age comes the inevitable physical restrictions, you can no longer be as active and quick physically; you may be young at heart but the sad reality of time will restrict you. You tend to look for support, both mental and physical from the younger generation. Perhaps your own children or a caretaker.

Some elders prefer home nursing services as opposed to being taken care of by their children, they understand that the lives of the younger generation is quite dynamic and busy. However, some elders prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home and be taken care of by a caretaker.

The diet of an elder changes drastically, one might say it even becomes somewhat of a diet closer to a child’s. The choices of food becomes limited due to age and other physical restrictions. The preference to food may also pose a problem that will need to be assessed if the elder lives at home and is taken care of by their own children. However, if the elder has chosen to be at a caretaking facility, all these issues will be taken care of as most facilities cater to the elder’s specific diets taking into account their dietary needs.

Some elders with different disabilities need physical support and having a caretaker at their side at all times gives them a sense of safety and solace, which at their age is quite important. As the staff are highly trained in each specific disability, the elders can rest knowing they are in good hands. Another aspect at caretaking facilities is that the elders are kept entertained, for example, the facility hosts games such as Bingo, which the elders thoroughly enjoy.

Nonetheless, being at home surrounded by loved ones would be the most ideal environment for an elder. They can part their wisdom and the younger generation can gain continuous love, support and affection from their elders. As adults and children we must always take care of our elders as there is much to gain from them.